Who am I?

I'm Julian Müller, a web engineer and artist from Wiesbaden, Germany. I've been creating things on the web for over a decade and gained solid skills in it. Say hello on Instagram or Twitter!

I'm passionate about design, development and music. New technologies always make me excited and I can't wait to get my hands on them. I mostly work with JavaScript and Swift.

When not developing, I spend most of my time with my collection of vinyl records and playing some beats using my OP-1 and Logic X. I also love to spend time with my beautiful girlfriend Jen, our sweet kitty Coffy, my family and friends. I'm a vegetarian and consider myself a good cook. (You really should try my pizza!)

This is me
This is me

How is this page build?

This page is composed using react and animated through react-spring library. The 3D scene is rendered using three.js and audio is handled by Tone.js. Everything is then tied together through react, which makes everything awesome.

You are still reading? Okay, here's a riddle for you:
Who touches the dark ten times before the long finger moved twice shall reveal the truth.

Whatever that means... 😜

🕵️‍♂️ Answer reveals in 418.2 seconds

Try to find out what it means until then.