The ideal row and mesh counter – whether you knit or crochet.
You can create as many counters as you like and assign them to projects, so you never lose track. Happy knitting!

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A place for your knitting projects

With Yarnify, your knitting projects are always where you are. Manage them on your wrist.

Manage pieces and projects with ease

Keep things organized. Thanks to the integrated project management, you can add multiple pieces to the same project.

Keep track of your rows and repeats

You can count rows / rounds and repeats everywhere. There is always a place to knit.

Customize every piece ...

Whether you count rounds or rows, you can always set up a different start number.

... and project

You can choose a suitable color and a recognizable icon for your project on creation.

There is more

Choose from 10 project categories
Give your project a suitable color
Supports pattern repetitions
Converters for in/cm & yrd/m
Knitting needle sizes (US / metric)